Investment Opportunity

Since 2015, Solaris Photonics has had two major UK government grants to develop our technology. To date, the company has business angel investment up to £0.75m. The majority of the angel funding has come from board members and green energy experienced investors. Solaris Photonics’ technology development model, is to leverage our research partner’s expertise and facilities, such as the preindustrial equipment at CPI and Cranfield University. This ensures that our burn rate is optimal and efficient. Solaris Photonics’ is gearing up for a Series A investment from a strategic partner in the solar sector. Th Series A funding will enable Solaris Photonics to expand our intellectual property in the major territories. In addition, establish and joint develop our technology with our new industrial partners. If you are interested in the investment opportunities described here, please contact us to discuss your interest.

Our Vision

Our vision is to work with inverter manufactures and established solar companies to incorporate and develop the SPM. The SPM technology will make solar energy the most competitive source of electricity even without any government subsidy.

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